Solar Eclipse

Figuring out the best way to see today's solar eclipse, one says to get glasses of eBay for £500, the other says use you mobile phone, and another suggests "Just cover your damn eyes!"...

Well...whilst thinking about the best way to see the eclipse at it's peak with minutes to spare is when i realised...I own a camera. *Insert face-palm here*

Running to get the camera, I attached a zoom lens (Sigma 70-200 f/2.8) and shot away at my hearts content. Switching the camera to various exposures allowing me to get a variety of shots possible in the light available. Nothing can reproduce what was seen live but below is my best attempt. Hope to catch the next one in 2026 with a camera at the ready!

Solar Eclipse 20/03/2014

Royal Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthan Photoshoot

Soozana Pvan Photography | Jeyash Luxmanan Photography | Designer: Casipillai Sarees | MUA: Dazzling Darlings | Asst: Michael F Percy

Enjoy the music as you sift throughRoyal Rajasthan